Easy Access – Serious Security

Your valuable property is safe and secure with our multi-level security features. When you select a storage facility you must be aware of the level of security, otherwise your valuable property could be at risk of theft or damage.

Providing you with safe secure storage is our primary concern at Balcatta Storage.

There are seven (7) specific security features that you need to look for in a storage facility that will leave you satisfied that your stored property is well protected and in good hands.

You will be relaxed about storing with Balcatta Storage because you will know that nobody apart from you will have access to your storage space.

1. PIN Code Controlled Gate Access/Exit

All Balcatta Storage vehicle and pedestrian gates are operated by a unique to every customer, Personal Identification Number (PIN). Every entry and exit, door open and close, is recorded which allows office and security personnel to closely monitor facility activity. Any unauthorised access to a storage space will activate our alarms and security personnel.

2. Individual Monitored Space Alarms

Every storage space in Balcatta Storage is fitted with its own monitored door alarm. When you enter the facility using your PIN code the alarm is turned off and when you exit the facility using your PIN code the alarm is reactivated.

Any unauthorised access to a storage space will activate our alarms and security personnel.

3. CCTV Surveillance – 24 Hours

Balcatta Storage has the latest digital camera surveillance technology and cameras are strategically located throughout the facility to cover the boundaries and driveways.
This system is closely monitored by staff on large TV screens in the office and digital images are recorded and stored.

4. Movement Sensing Perimeter Lighting

Balcatta Storage uses activity-sensing technology to operate all external lighting which provides enhanced night time visibility.

This feature acts as a deterrent for potential intruders and will be an indicator to security services when there is activity in or near the facility.

5. Perimeter Fence Spears & Razor Wire

A warning from Balcatta Storage to all potential burglars – climb our razor wire topped perimeter fencing and gates at your own peril! It will cut you to pieces, just ask our fencing contractors who installed it. 

6. Your Own Padlock

You lock the door and control the space.

Balcatta Storage will happily sell you a reliable padlock for your storage space and you keep the keys – this allows you complete privacy.

Every day one of our staff members will complete a full inspection of the facility to ensure that all door locks are secure and intact.

7. Access Hours – 5am-8pm Daily

At Balcatta Storage we choose to limit facility access hours as an extra security measure. This strategy is to avoid late night and early hours of the morning activity which is in the best interests of our customers.

Our access hours allow our tradesman and small business customers to make an early start and a late finish if required. Special access arrangements can be made for out of the ordinary one off special circumstances.